Program For Fitness With Walking & Running

By Patricia | October 24, 2010
Walking Fitness Program

A walking fitness program is an excellent way to keep fit and can be performed by people of all ages. As walking is a low impact exercise, it doesn’t pose much risk of injury to the body. However, if you suffer from any serious conditions or have heart problems, you should consult a doctor before you begin a walking fitness program. Before you begin a walking fitness program, it is essential that you possess a good pair of walking shoes. You could go in for shoes that are specifically made for walking or you could use shoes that have sufficient cushioning. If the terrain on which you do your walking fitness routine is rough, you should pick up more rugged shoes like cross training shoes.

Walking Fitness Plan

Your walking fitness plan should be able to meet your fitness expectations. If you have been physically inactive for a while, your walking fitness program should be started out slowly and for a less duration. In the beginning, you could start by walking at a slow pace. You should not become too exhausted by the time you complete your walking fitness routine. As you become comfortable with the duration of your walking routine, you could gradually increase the time. You could increase the time by 5 minutes each week to allow your body to adjust to the walking.

Walking Workout And Running Fitness Program

Once your walking workout program has been established, you should focus on increasing the speed of your walking. You could also start a running fitness program if you feel the need to further increase the intensity of your routines. It is essential when walking to maintain a correct posture. Incorrect posture will lead to inefficient use of energy and will tend to tire you easily. When walking you should make sure to keep your eyes forward and your shoulders and arms relaxed. By keeping your chin parallel to the ground your will reduce the strain on your back and neck. Your back should be kept straight and you should avoid slumping when you get tired. During the initial stages of your walking fitness program, you should keep a constant observation on your posture and check it when you go wrong. Before you begin walking, you should always start with some warm-up and stretching exercises. This will loosen the joints and reduce the risk of injury from the snapping of cold muscles and tendons. It is also important that you maintain a diet that will enhance your walking fitness program.

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