Preventing Pain In Breasts While Running

By Patricia | August 15, 2010
Running In Pain

Running is an exercise undertaken by a large number of people who try their best to stay healthy. Running burns calories and helps to detoxify and de-stress the body simultaneously. Among women who run, one of the most common complaints is that they experience pain in the breast while undertaking the physical activity itself. It is important for women to know that the breasts are supported naturally by the presence of ligaments known as ‘Cooper’s ligaments’. While running, the breasts tend to move about and this causes damage of the Cooper’s ligaments. Conditions such as “Jogger’s Nipple” are not uncommon among female athletes and there a numerous ways of ensuring that your breasts are given the right support while exercising.

Breasts that are not given the correct support during exercise will inadvertently lead to stress on the upper back and neck area, making life difficult for you. While exercising or running, it is important that you choose the correct bra so that you can work out with maximum comfort. Sport bras are so designed to make life easier by supporting the breasts while you exercise. This also allows enough movement so that you do not feel restrained. Pain in the breasts while running could be caused by a number of reasons. The most common of these, however, is the possibility of the incorrect support used while exercising. Other factors such as breast sensitivity with the onset of a menstrual cycle or other hormonal changes could also be cited as possible reasons for breast pain while running. If at any point of time you notice any changes in the physical appearance of your breast, it is imperative that you consult your gynecologist without any delay whatsoever. Lumps or bruises that occur on the breast must be checked for malignancy, as studies have shown that women who wear bras for extended periods of time are more susceptible to contracting breast cancer.

Jogger’s nipple, caused by rubbing of a bare breast against the fabric of a sports shirt will manifest in the form of a painful bruise. The only way of taking care of jogger’s nipple is to give it rest and not allow it to come in contact with fabric that may cause irritation and further damage to the sensitive area of skin. Once again, the use of sport bras is recommended as they absorb sweat easily and give the most comfortable support to any athlete.

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