Walking And Depression

By Patricia | August 15, 2010
Walking And Depression

Depression is a serious mental disorder and affects the ability of a person to perform their normal day to day activities. There is loss of interest, no control, dullness and so on. The reasons for getting this condition are many and can be attributed to a serious trauma or a series of unfortunate events that a person goes through in life like de motivation, rejection and so on. It is extremely important to get a person out of this state as it could have adverse effects on the person’s health. Yoga and meditation are of great help in treating a person who is going through depression. However, a person can also get involved in doing other exercises and once a person is motivated to go out of the house, he can simply go for walks as walking and depression do not go hand in hand. Studies have proved that walking enables to get rid of the symptoms of depression. A survey conducted on 1750 doctors, stated that 85 percent of them recommended exercises to treat depression, and walking was one of the exercises. Walking helps a person to get a refreshing and lively feeling, makes him calm and gives him an opportunity to do something for himself. It is a diversion for such people to keep aside the sad feelings and enjoy their time outside.

Walking on a regular basis is known to increase the production of the good hormones that enable a person to feel good and stay happy. It is believed, that the root cause for getting depression in the first place is because of an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Walking helps considerably to raise a person’s depressed mood. A person going through depression should walk for half an hour everyday and should do this for at least five days in a week. It helps to get back your confidence especially if you plan small goals for yourself. By going out for walks, you are even able to interact with people and socialize which in turn helps in a change of mood making you feel much better. Walking on a regular basis has a number of effective results and is known to cause less anxiety in a person, less anger, reduced negative thoughts, reduction in stress and fatigue, a stronger self esteem and a higher level of motivation. At the end of it, you need to make sure that no matter what you do, you should enjoy doing it.

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