Advice on menstruation

(May 26, 2008)

10-15 days before my mensurational periods I experience a severe pain in my both breasts and as soon as 5 days of my periods are over there is a relief in the pain.

Advice on menstruation 

Breast tenderness and mild pain for some is a common symptom before menstruation, however severe breast pain is unusual. To avoid any worries it would be wise to consult a specialist to know the exact cause for the problem so the situation can be dealt accordingly. Yoga asana for premenstrual syndrome are many, some of which include kapalbhati, sukhasana, cat pose, bow pose, cobra pose, fish pose, and wind relieving pose, anuloma viloma, shavasana, and relaxation pose.

  • Bow pose or dhanushasana – as the name suggests this pose resembles an archer's bow. This pose improves posture, strengthens the lower back area and also deals with gastrointestinal problems. Lie flat on your stomach on a yoga mat. Hold your right ankle with the right hand and left ankle with the left hand. Keep your thighs and knees parallel and not in a ‘V' shape. Breathe normally and hold for 30 seconds. Exhale and relax.
  • Kapalbhati – this is a breathing technique which helps in many conditions one of which includes menstrual pains. Sit in easy pose and exhale consciously. Inhalation should be passive. When you exhale your stomach automatically goes inwards. This way you are removing the negative thoughts outside the body and inhaling the positive thoughts inside the body. 

Submitted by S M on May 26, 2008 at 05:44

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