How to Use a Distance Calculator For Running

By Patricia | December 14, 2010
Running Calculator

Running is an exercise that helps you to burn many calories. If you have taken up running to shed excess weight, you might want to use a distance calculator for running. This distance calculator for running will help you to find out how many calories you have burned in the distance you have covered. There are several online distance calculators for running, available. All you need to do is to enter your weight ( in pounds, kilograms or stones) and the distance you have run ( in miles or kilometers) and press submit. This will soon give you the result you are looking for. Calculating the number of calories you burn is not an easy thing to do. Each person has a different metabolism and a different body composition as well. Using a distance calculator for running will enable you to get a fair idea of just how many calories you have burned. This will be done by taking into account the following factors: how far you ran, your weight, the speed and effort you put in and how much time you ran for as well.

Distance Calculator Runners

Distance calculator runners will have to estimate the time and distance they ran. For instance, if you are walking on the pavement or the side walk, you can measure the distance from one point (say, Point A) to another point (Point B) by using your car’s odometer. If you are running on a track it will be easier to find out the distance. Simply determine the distance of one lap. Figure out the distance based on your findings. Time your run as well. Both factors will help to determine your speed.

Speed Calculator Running

A speed calculator for running will calculate the speed at which you have been running. There are several such speed calculators available online for this. These speed calculators for running will enable you to find out how many calories you have burned at the speed you have been running at. You will have to enter the time of your run in hours, minutes and seconds, the distance ( in either kilometers or miles), click on the submit button and you will get the result.

Distance Calculator Biking

A distance calculator for biking will allow you to calculate the distance you have travelled. It can also show you the bike speed based on distance and time. These are available online as well and will give you results immediately.

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