Long Distance Running Technique

By Patricia | December 13, 2010
Long Distance Running

Long distance running comprises of many events such as the 5 kilometer, 10 kilometer and marathon races. Using the correct long distance running technique is vital if you want to improve your performance and also reduce the risk of injuries. Given below is a description of the proper technique for running a long distance event.

Right Running Technique

The right running technique involves paying attention to the entire body. The eyes must be focused about 10 or 20 feet ahead on the ground. When the foot strikes the ground, the middle part of the foot should first touch the ground. If the toes strike the ground first, the calves undergo unnecessary strain and if the heel touches down first, it means that the stride was too long. One also needs to maintain the correct running pose to perform more efficiently. The posture should be erect and straight. The head must be kept up and facing straight ahead. The shoulders must be even and the back must be straight. Hunching of the back tends to occur when the body is tired. You need to keep checking and correcting your posture. The arms must not swing from side to side and this can obstruct running. They should also not be kept excessively rigid. The fists do not have to be clenched as this puts pressure on the knuckles and palms. Long distance running techniques don’t simply include tips and techniques specific to running or the leg muscles. It is highly important to breathe properly while running. It is more effective to breath from the mouth than from the nose as this ensure a greater intake of oxygen and greater release of carbon dioxide. The facial muscles are also relaxed when one breathes through the mouth. Also use the abdomen for breathing rather than the chest. In case, you start breathing heavily, it is time to slow down. The long distance running technique usually begins with slower running for the first few miles to retain energy for the entire run. Long distance runners must ensure that their bodies receive adequate rest to allow for recovery. Long distance running takes a great deal of stamina and endurance and for this the runner needs to be in good health.

Best Running Technique

The best running technique is the one that suits your body and natural ability. In addition to proper running technique, it is also essential to have a balanced, healthy diet. This helps to maximize the benefits of training and equips the body to fulfill the demands of long distance running.

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