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Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

For the benefits of running to be experienced it is important that proper running technique is maintained. In performing the running techniques incorrectly you will be defeating the purpose of running. By improving your running technique you will be able to run more efficiently and faster and reduce the stress on the body. You could follow certain tips to improve your running technique.


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Your eyes should focus on the ground at 10 to 20 feet in front of you. This is not only proper running technique but it also allows you to see what's coming in front of you. While landing each foot on the ground, the middle of your foot should be first in contact with the ground.

If your toes touch the ground first your calves will become tight and will tire quickly. You may also develop a pain in the shin. If your heel touches the ground first you may have taken too long a stride. This is almost like braking which wastes energy and can cause injury. The most efficient running technique is to land on the middle of your foot and let the pressure flow to your toes.

By maintaining a correct pose your running technique will become more efficient. You should run with an erect and straight posture. Keep your head up, your shoulders at an even level and back straight. When you begin to tire it is common to hunch your back a little. Keep a regular check on your posture and correct it when this happens. You should also avoid swinging your arms from side to side.

An important aspect of running technique is proper breathing. Breathing from the mouth is more effective than breathing from the nose as the mouth allows in more oxygen and the release of more carbon dioxide. Breathing from your mouth will also help relax your facial muscles. You should also avoid breathing from your chest and use your belly instead. While you run, observe the intensity of your breathing. If you are breathing heavily, slow down and regain speed when it gets steady.

Long distance running techniques involve starting out slowly for the initial miles. If you start out fast from the beginning you will end up too tired to complete the run. When training for long distance running make sure that your body gets enough rest to allow it to recover and regain the energy. Stamina and endurance are prerequisites for long distance running so it is important that you have a healthy body. It is essential for you to maintain a well balanced diet and eat enough of vegetables and fruits. This will complement your training and efficiently develop your body for the requirements of long distance running.

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