Combine Yoga With Other Forms Of Exercise

By Patricia | December 4, 2008
Yoga And Other Exercises

Can Yoga And Physical Exercises Be Combined

Yes, you can. In fact it is highly beneficial to combine yoga with other forms of physical exercises. Yoga targets both the body and mind. Yoga is also a very convenient and adaptable fitness regime. It can be modified and tuned to suit your personal needs. Depending on your personal needs you can practice yoga as a solitary fitness regime or you can combine it with other forms of exercise.

Yoga And Cardio: In fact it is highly recommended to complement a yoga session with a cardio workout. This is said to have a great impact on the body. Yoga helps the muscles build on strength and flexibility while cardio exercises cater to fitness of the heart and lungs and blood vessels. Combining yoga and cardio has an immediate and visible impact on the body.

Yoga And Weights: Weights are an essential part of a conventional fitness program. They ensure muscle strength.  By combining yoga with weight training, you derive the best of both worlds. With weight training you are always at risk of muscle rigidity. Through the practice of yoga, the muscles remain flexible. Yoga postures work the entire body, not just one set of muscles. It makes the entire body strong, lowering risk of injury while weight training. Yoga helps flush out the built up acid in the muscles that collect after exercise, in this way you don’t feel the discomfort and burning sensations that you may feel after weight training.

Yoga And Pilates: While in some parts of the world the yoga vs. pilates battle rages on, a new movement has begun, one that combines the best of both forms to design the perfect routine. Yoga delivers on flexibility and strength. Pilates helps develop the body’s core strength and flexibility. Together these exercises help improve body balance, which has a strong bearing on posture, which is vital for overall well being. Your body will get into shape faster and you will experience great mental clarity.

Whichever routine you opt for, always remember to listen to your body. Stop at the slightest hint of discomfort or pain and make sure that the body gets enough nourishment to support your exercise regime. The best approach is to practice the two forms on alternate days. Or you can start each day with a small, twenty minute yoga session, say the sun salutations, and continue with your conventional exercise regime later.

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