Keep Looking Young Forever with Facial Yoga Exercises

By Patricia | April 23, 2009
Facial Yoga Exercises

Facial yoga is the new craze among the health and beauty conscious. Yoga in general brings a balance between three different levels of human evolution namely: physical, emotional and spiritual. Yoga intends to bring about a harmony between all three levels to achieve a sound means of existence. Yoga is known to improve blood circulation and energize the major endocrine glands of the body.

Regular practice of yoga is also known to keep common and major ailments and disorders at bay. Yogic exercises also help rejuvenate the skin and beautify the face and figure. The well being of the facial skin is dependent on internal health as well as external exposure. Facial skin can be maintained with the help of facial yoga exercises that help rejuvenate the facial skin keeping it young, glowing and attractive over time.

Some common facial yoga exercises that help revitalize the facial skin include the eye massage, cheek exercises and general skin rejuvenating exercises. To massage the eyes and remove dark circles warm the palms by rubbing them palms repeatedly. The warm palms must now be placed on the bridge of the nose and gently circulated around the eyes. This simple yet effective facial yoga can ensure your facial skin's longevity and attractiveness. Alternatively, place both the palms on the face and repeatedly inhale and exhale fast to a count of ten. Then rotate the fingers in a circular motion from the chin to the forehead, thus massaging the face. This simple facial yoga exercise massages the facial skin and improves blood circulation on the face. Simple cheek exercises can help you do away with the "chubby cheek" tag. Fill the cheeks with air while keeping your lips closed. Shift the air from one cheek to another, finally fill the lower lip and release the air. Another cheek exercise is to hold the lips in a straight line and suck the cheeks in, like a pouting fish. These exercises tone the cheek muscles and reduce excess baggage around the cheek area. Double chins are another area of concern. Sit in an upright position and stretch your neck towards the ceiling. Pucker and pout the lips like kissing the ceiling and feel the stretch around the jaw line. Count till ten and relax. Continue this exercise for three to five times everyday to achieve desired results.

Facial yoga is a simple and effective mechanism. More importantly it is also inexpensive and can be done anywhere. A ten minute routine at office or home can help you relieve facial tension and keep your face looking young forever.

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