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By Patricia | August 23, 2010
Calculate Calories Burned

A calories burned calculator is a wonderful way to find out the number of calories that you managed to burn off, during a running, jogging or walking session. This calculator is a very effective tool in maintaining a weight loss and exercise journal, as it lets you know exactly how many calories were burnt during each activity performed during the day. There are separate calorie calculators for walking, running, jogging as well as other activities. In order to use a calorie burned calculator, you need to type in your body weight, choose the activity that you performed and key in the number of minutes or hours you spend, doing that activity. Once you key in all the necessary information, the calorie burned calculator will tell you exactly how may calories you burned. These calorie calculators are easily available through several online resources and are generally free of cost.

Calories burned walking one mile

It should be stressed that you need to try and maintain a religious and disciplined routine of walking and not simply try and calculate the calories burned from walking a mile or two. For those serious about walking however, it can help to keep track and calculate calorie consumption and expenditure. To know the number of calories burned walking one mile, you will need to calculate your body weight, metabolism, the intensity of the workout and the speed at which you walked. For example, a person who weight 150 pounds normally burns around 70 to 80 calories, walking a mile. Therefore if your weight is higher than 150 pounds, you will probably burn more than 80 calories a mile. However, in case you weigh less than 150 pounds, the calories that you burn walking a mile will be less than 80 calories. Sophisticated devices, such as treadmills and pedometers also calculate body weight, speed, distance covered, duration and heart rate, to calculate how many calories were burned while walking.

Calories burned running one mile

Just like in the case of walking, to calculate the number of calories burned running one mile, it is important to take into consideration your body weight as well as your metabolism. Then, your running speed and the duration that it took you to run the mile will also need to be assessed. An average person weighing 150 pounds can generally burn around 100 calories, while running a mile.

Calories burned jogging one mile

Jogging is quite similar to walking and running in a way that it is difficult to tell how many calories may have been burnt without knowing calculating your weight or knowing your metabolism. An average person who weighs 150 pounds should normally burn around 95 calories, after jogging for a mile.

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