Yoga for weight gain

(July 25, 2008)

Can you tell me how I can increase my weight by doing yoga. Actually, I am very slim and want to increase my weight. Kindly help me out.

You have not provided your details about your height, your current weight and your BMI. With the help of a body calculator determine how many calories you need to pile up. Let your aim center around putting up one to two pounds a week and stick to the goal. Keep a tab on the amount of calories you consume all day in food as well as in drinks. You need to be sure that you are eating enough calories in a day. Also make it a point to eat at least 3 to 4 snack items in addition to three square meals a day. Adopt the practice of yoga to build muscle. Poses such as the Plank pose or the Chaturanga Dandasana which is like a steadied kind of push-up, with straight limbs and toes compressed securely into the mat, fingers spread-eagled, the back arched absolutely straight, and the abdominals engaged. This particular form of yogasana helps in building muscles in the biceps, in the stomach muscles and in the gluteus maximus. The child's pose is also a blissful form of asana that helps in bringing about a happy and cheerful mood. With the help of stress-free environment you will be better able to enjoy your foods and allow the body to absorb the nourishment without any external influences such as fear or negative emotions.

In order to increase weight, you will need to eat a proper blend of the right kinds of foods such as meat, yogurts, complex carbohydrates ad starches, fruits and vegetables. Add a bit of essential fats such as dried nuts and fruits, healthy sweets and oils. In order to feel fuller after every meal, incorporate smaller snack after meals to feel satiated.

One important point to note is that mental duress and stress is a major factor in weight loss and sometimes causes some people to lose weight while others to gain weight. In order to banish the feeling of stress, light to moderate exercise can help you in decreasing the feeling of stress as well as increasing your immunity levels. Indulge in meditation techniques to imbibe positive feelings and banish negative thoughts. Increase your calorie intake to an additional 500 calories and notice the difference in a few weeks. You may also want to consider a form of nutritional supplement after consulting your registered practitioner for the best one available, according to your needs and requirement. Moreover you have not made any mention of diabetes and hypertension, so before you embark on any kind of diet or exercise, keep your doctor informed or best take his or her advice with regards to workouts or nutritional intakes.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:36

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