Yoga exercise for weight gain

(November 9, 2010)

Can yoga help in increase weight,how ?

Yoga is a popular technique used for the reduction of weight, but there are also some effective yoga exercises for weight gain. Shavasana (or Corpse Pose) is an effective yoga exercise for weight gain. This exercise involves placing yourself in the supine position and breathing easily. This yoga exercise is one of the easiest to perform with minimum activity as compared to the other yoga postures. Usually, an underweight person lacks stamina and therefore gets tired very easily. Practice of yoga helps in building stamina and increases the appetite of the practitioner.
Sarvangasana (or Shoulder Stand) is another effective yoga workout for weight gain. This posture helps in normalizing your weight, depending on the functioning of your body and your height. To perform this exercise you should lie down on the floor, while keeping your legs together and palms facing the ground. While inhaling, lift your hips from the ground and raise your legs above your head first at 30 degrees, then 90 degrees, and finally 130 degrees. Hold this position for 5 counts and then breath out and straighten your legs to a 90 degree angle. With your elbows on the ground, support your back with your palms. Slowly move your hands to your shoulder blades and raise your body higher. Bring your elbows in so that they are aligned with the shoulders. Try to raise your body as high as possible so that your body rests on your shoulders and not the back. When you are lifting your body up you should exhale, but once it is up, your breathing can become normal. Try to remain in the position for as long as possible. Apart from these, there are some other yoga exercises for weight gain that can be practiced. It is advisable that you consult a professional yoga practitioner to get started.
Along with yoga exercises, for fat to be increased you should eat a little more than normal, but avoid unnecessary fatty foods. The main rule in weight gain is to take in more calories than the amount you burn. You should increase the amount of milk products you take in a day. Milk-based products like cheese, shakes, milk, smoothies, and yogurts will help with weight gain. It is not advisable for you to try gaining weight with the help of junk food. This is an unhealthy approach and can lead to other problems. Since Pilates are designed more for weight loss and toning of the body, practicing Pilates exercise for weight gain may not be very helpful. It is important that you perform your yoga fitness program for weight gain on a regular basis along with the proper diet to see satisfactory results. Always consult a doctor before beginning any form of exercise.

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Yoga exercise for weight gain 

Putting on weight calls for the same amount of concentration and preparation as it takes to lose weight. Please remember there are no magic potions, powders or pills that will make your body to either gain muscle or increase weight at the same time. In order to gain weight, one would require to ea a little more than usual, but not unnecessary or fatty foods. Increase your intake of dairy products in the day, especially milk based products such as milk shakes, cheese, yoghurt and smoothies as snack preparations.

In addition to diet Sarvangasana is shown to be beneficial in weight gain.

Sarvangasana or The Shoulder Stand is beneficial in the long run to help normalize your body weight depending upon your height and other bodily functions. Lie down on a flat surface with your legs together and your hands facing palms down, by your side. As you inhale, push down on your hands and lift up your legs directly above you.

  • Lift up the hips above the floor and get your legs up, over your head, at an angle of approximately 45°.
  • Take a count of 5 and exhale. While exhaling bend your arms and back up your body, holding as close to the shoulders as possible, with the thumbs in the front of the body, and fingers at the back. Push up your back, and lift your legs.
  • Straighten out the spine and get the legs above in a vertical position. Press the chin firmly to the base of the throat. Breathe in slowly and deeply as you do so, slowly trying to bring your elbows close together with your hands down your back towards the shoulders, so as to straighten out the torso.

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