Benefits of Stretching Exercises For Beginners

By Patricia | August 23, 2010
Stretching For Dummies

Stretching is one of the most important and powerful parts of any exercise regime. Any good workout program will give enough emphasis to stretching activities, both before and after working out. Adequate and proper stretching exercises before a workout routine can increase flexibility in both the joints as well as the muscles, thereby improving the overall performance and outcome of the routine. While warming up, before an exercise routine, each stretch should be held for 15 to 30 seconds. In the cool-down period, which is after working out, stretches help relieve the tightness in muscles, cool down the body and increase flexibility. If you stretch after each workout session, your body will have the ability to stretch more than it did before you began your exercise program. The stretches in the cool down period should last between 30 seconds to a minute, as your flexibility increases the most during these longer stretches.

Stretching for beginners may be a bit more challenging, as the technique has to be proper. Therefore, when you stretch, it is important to make sure that you breathe normally; do ensure that you do not hold your breath. Therefore, the key is to focus on stretching as well as breathing, while you relax your body. This may lead to mild tension, but no discomfort should be felt. If the stretching exercise is to be performed while you are standing, you can hold on to a steady object, to maintain your balance and posture.

Given below are some benefits that are associated with stretching exercises:

  • They can help reduce stress
  • They improve posture, circulation and range of motion
  • They help improve coordination and balance
  • Muscles can become more supple
  • The flow of blood to various parts of the body improves
  • The flexibility and elasticity of the tissues improves
  • The possibility of accidents and injuries are reduced
  • They can help to lengthen the muscles
  • They provide a natural sense of well-being and peace
  • They have a nice relaxing and calming effect on the body

Stretching does not require any special equipment and can be done at any time. There are several resources available, on stretching for dummies or beginners, which specify the dos and don’ts of stretching. Stretching for dummies resources can help dispel various myths that are associated with stretching.

It also gives a detailed description of the different stretching exercises that could be useful for different parts
of the body and the length of time that they should be practiced for.

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