Ways To Massage Your Neck And Shoulder

By Patricia | March 24, 2009
Neck Shoulder Massage

The neck and shoulders are those parts of the body which are in continuous use throughout the day. Whether you are doing working at home, studying in school, working at a desk, watching television, or are working on your computer, these body parts bear the brunt of the strain. Therefore, these are the areas where you first start to feel tiredness in the form of pain in the shoulders, or fatigue in the neck area. This tiredness is most commonly a result of over work.

Massaging the neck and shoulders can relieve you tiredness and soothe your aching body. There are many ways to massage these areas of your body.

How to massage your neck and shoulders?

Get a friend, or your partner to give you a relaxing massage that will ease the knots from your neck and shoulders. Alternatively, you can give your partner a relaxing massage.

Start by asking your partner to lie down on his or her back and apply massage oil to the chest, neck and shoulders. Now massage the oil such that the fingers of both your hands are facing each other and put your hands on your partner's chest. Start effleurage stroking by moving your hands slowly but rhythmically around the shoulders, arm-pits, neck, and finally reaching the back of the neck with your hands. This step should be repeated several times.

Now turn your hands into relaxed fists and massage smoothly, starting from between the chest and going towards the shoulders. Ask your friend to turn his or her neck to one side, and massage the neck and shoulders three times.

Ask you partner to lie on his or her stomach. Gently massage the spinal cord by putting pressure on the groove on each side of the spine. Repeat this step at least three times. Now try to stretch the neck slowly but gently. To end the massage, repeat the effleurage stroking again.

Advantages of getting your neck and shoulders massaged. Some advantages of a neck and shoulder massage are:

  • It helps to relax the body.
  • It helps in minimizing pain in the neck and shoulders.
  • It alleviates stress.
  • It is used to ease out the tension in the neck and shoulders.


The neck and shoulders should never be massaged if you have a recent or even old neck or shoulder injury, as it may have harmful effects on the bones and may lead to tears in the shoulder and neck muscles.

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