Aromatherapy To Promote Sleep

By Patricia | March 23, 2009
Aromatherapy To Promote Sleep

Aroma means fragrance or smell. Aromatherapy is a natural therapeutic practice that involves the use of natural essential oils extracted from botanical herbs, twigs, plants, flowers, peels, trees, and grass. These oils are an important component of many medicines and are also used as home remedies, in body lotions and soaps, in skin care products and even to promote sleep. As these oils are natural aromatic essences, they have no side effects on a person’s health. However, many companies do synthesize these essential oils instead of obtaining them from natural herbs, so caution should be taken before buying these oils.

Insomnia is a condition which leads to a lack of proper and sound sleep. It is caused as a result of a disturbance in the nervous system which affects the mind and sleeping patterns. This condition has become increasingly prevalent in modern times due to anxiety, tensions, pollution, over work and many other environmental, mental and psychological factors. Insomnia or sleeplessness can be caused in people of both the genders, and has no direct relation to age, as it can happen in children too. It may be produced to disorders in the nervous and digestive systems.

Here are some ways in which the essential oils used in aromatherapy can prevent insomnia and help in generating a comfortable and relaxed sleep:

  • Different essential oils, blended in a bottle can be used in a diffuser so that it will spread the fragrant effect of the oils throughout your bedroom, thus aiding you in enjoying a sound sleep.
  • You can also place one or two drops of a mixture of essential oils that may include chamomile, clary sage, and bergamot, or a mixture of peppermint and nutmeg oils on a tissue paper and place the paper on the inside of your pillow.
  • Essential oil of lavender has a relaxing effect on the mind and creates drowsiness, and can help you to fall into a sound sleep. However, avoid excessive usage of this oil as it can leave you feeling drowsy throughout the day.
  • Children suffering from autism sometimes have difficulty in sleeping for a long time at a stretch due to irregular diurnal patterns. Recent research has shown that aromatherapy massage is very helpful in this case as it enables a rapid onset of sleep, with less disruption and distortions during the sleep and guarantees a longer and calmer duration of sleep.
  • You can also avail of one of the many sprays that are available in the market to fight insomnia. These sprays contain a mixture of essential oils that help in inducing and promoting sleep induction. Simply spray the required quantity on your pillow and enjoy a good night’s rest.
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