Face Massage: What is face massage cradle? How it helps?

By Patricia | March 23, 2009
The Face Massage Cradle

What is a face massage? Face massage is a branch of massage therapy that includes the lifting of the facial muscles by the application of massage techniques so that younger and healthier skin can be obtained. Facial massage removes the constrictions and wrinkles from within the facial skin tissue and facial muscles.

Anxiety, tensions, and depression have become a regular part of our routine life and greatly affect the muscles and skin. Your face shows the expressions, emotions and thought processes that occur inside your brain. It is the single most expressive part of the human body. Continuous tension can lead to early aging of the facial skin and your skin may lose its elasticity prematurely.

Many people opt for surgical procedures or botox injections to reduce the lines and wrinkles that appear on the face with age and stress. A facial massage is a gentle and natural alternative that can help to make you look younger and ease the stress away from your face, body and mind.

What is a face massage cradle? With the recent advancements in science, new equipments are available in the market to aid you in your work and make any task easy. One of these are face massage cradles. As the name suggests, a cradle is equipment that is designed to hold anything in a desired position, such as a telephone cradle. In a similar manner, a face massage cradle can be thought of as a cushion that is attached to a massage table and is used to keep the client’s head in a relaxed position, such that his face is rested in a comfortable and easy pose which is convenient for both the massage therapist and the client. These cradles are available in many types and designs, ranging from very expensive, advanced designs to cheap and more basic ones.

Benefits of a face massage cradle. The name face massage cradle is actually slightly misleading, because these cradles are not actually used during a face massage. Instead, they are used to gently cushion and support the face during a full body massage. Imagine lying on your stomach while a therapist is working on your legs and back muscles. How do you comfortably place your face so that your neck doesn’t strain? Well, a pillow is one option, but can leave you feeling smothered. A face massage cradle has a hollow centre and a padded circular (or oval) edge that supports your face completely, but still allows you to breathe freely.

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