Yoga Bolsters

By Patricia | March 23, 2009
How Yoga Bolsters Help

Yoga bolsters are cushions specially fashioned from foam or cotton, which provide effective and reliable support in a variety of Yoga practices. For those who are new to Yoga practice, it is always a good idea to give your body a chance to get familiar with some unusual postures that you may have to perform. Yoga bolsters are extremely helpful in this regard; in fact, a lot of advanced practitioner's also use them as part of their practices. At times, when you feel you really need to align your body well or keep your spine erect, there is nothing better than a good Yoga bolster to help straighten and support your spine. Designed to provide support to different parts of your body, Yoga bolsters help make your Yoga poses easier and more comfortable. They are great for stretching and supporting your abdomen, hamstrings, back and chest. They prove themselves very useful in performing passive and dynamic postures, by supporting and helping to straighten even the most obstinate and inflexible backbone.

Types Of Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters are usually either square or round; the round ones are the most common. The purpose of these Yoga bolsters is diverse. But, besides supporting your abdomen, hamstrings, back and chest, Yoga bolsters are also used with Yoga mats, as cushions for the lower body, particularly in the practice of pranayamas (breathing exercises) and meditation. They also help reduce tension in the upper and lower back, especially in some of the tricky poses, as well as in the abdomen, neck and legs, while practicing difficult poses. They contribute to making the yoga experience a lot more enjoyable.

Yoga bolsters come in a range of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. They are usually cucumber shaped cushions, very much in use in specific forms of Yoga, like Bikram Yoga, Ananda Yoga and Kripalu Yoga. Today, Yoga practitioners can choose bolsters according to their needs as well as their tastes. They are not just easy to store, but are also easy to carry as they usually come with excellent covers, which besides adding to their beauty, help prevent their inner linings from filling with dust particles. The covers are most often made of easily washable material and also come in a variety of colors. But, you should know precisely what type of Yoga bolsters best suits you before buying one. The most common types of Yoga bolsters are Rectangular Bolsters, Cylindrical Bolsters, Zafu and Breathing Bolsters.

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