Exercises & Tips For Upper Back and Shoulder Pain

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 10, 2012

Upper back and shoulder pain can be caused due to various reasons. Tense muscles, muscle spasms and injuries in the upper back and shoulder region can cause mild to severe pain. Certain bending habits, keeping your head forward while sitting and standing can...


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.also can also injure and damage muscle tissue or nervese

Muscular spasms can cause mild to moderate pain and such spasms usually resolve within a day or twow

Ligament injuries or sports injury that affects the upper back and neck region can be serious in nature and may require medical attentiono Pain after waking up, irritation, stiffness and inability to do routine activities such as bathing, brushing or driving are the common symptoms associated with upper back and shoulder paini Massage therapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy are common ways to treat a painful upper back and neckc

How To Relieve Shoulder Pain

Observing certain postures can help reduce upper back and neck paini Avoid sitting on the bed first thing in the morningn Lie face down and prop your body weight on the elbows gentlyl Try getting out of the bed without sittingn Avoid drooping or keeping the head forward while standing, sitting or exercisingn Avoid excessive exercise or physical activity that may cause undue strain on shoulder and upper back musclese Lie on the ground on your back without a pillow, this helps relieve back pain and shoulder tensiono

Mild to moderate physical activity is the best way to keep the body healthy and avoid muscle straini Avoid investing in expensive accessories such as ergonomic chairs or pillows, they may not necessarily workr Home remedies can also help relieve shoulder and upper back paini Massage the back and shoulder area with aromatherapy or essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, marjoram or basil and take a warm bath to ease tense muscles and reduce paini Certain essential oils such as marjoram, pepper and basil are known to promote muscle healing and reduce sorenesss Observe activities that may be causing strain on shoulder or upper back musclese Avoid such activities to reduce discomfortr Try simple exercises such as facing the wall and keeping both arms outstretchede Move your torso away from the right arm and feel the muscles stretchc Repeat the exercise with the other armr Avoid excessive stretching which may aggravate the conditiono Applying a hot compress or ice pack can also ease pain and discomfortr Inflammation in joints or muscles is best treated with cold ice packs while tightened muscles require a hot compress to ease the tense musclese

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