Yoga for shoulder pain

(July 25, 2008)

I am suffering from left hand pain [from shoulder to fingers] any remedy?[AGE 36]

It is not easy to assess the situation from the sparse details you have mentioned with regards to the left arm pain. I am under the assumption that you have no neck pain; a shoulder pain however could be an indication of a cervical or shoulder issue that is diverging pain to the left arm. Moreover you have not mentioned if the pain you are experiencing is on the medial (interior) or lateral (external) facet of the elbow. A common complaint which could also be part of your problem would be tennis elbow if the pain is situated on the either side of the elbow. Without understanding the specifics of the case it is not easy to tell what exactly maybe troubling you and neither can any mode of treatment be prescribed without fully looking into the problem. In any case, yoga must not be resorted to without looking into the problem. Although the reasons for pain in the arm are many, it more often than not points to muscle fatigue. If the pain is sore only for a day and becomes better by the next day, then it maybe a case of tiredness. However if the pain is on and off and keeps recurring then it can be a case of arthritis.

If the pain passes upwards in a gradual manner and hovers around, then you might have a damaged bone in the forearm or in the upper arm. Although broken bones seem distinct, sometimes it is possible to experience the fracture pain without knowing it. It is possible that you might have hit something hard with your arm, and increased pressure on that particular spot may have brought on the pain. One serous mater to be looked into is the problem of cardiac disorder. Unbearable pain emanating from the left arm and radiating downwards is a sign of a heart attack. Although there are other symptoms associated with heart attacks, such as nausea and shortness of breath, sometimes just pain in the left arm is the only symptom. The best and most urgent need of the hour is to report the pain to the doctor as soon as possible without any further delay. If the pain is unbearable or if there is swelling in the area with discolored skin, then treat it with a pack of ice wrapped in a thick towel till the time you get to the doctor. Keep observing the skin if it changes color.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:36

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