Pinworms In Children – Symptoms And Home Treatment

By Patricia | August 3, 2009

Pinworms are quite commonly found in children owing to their playing habits. The white colored thread-like worms are usually present in the intestines. These enter in the egg form through the fecal-oral route into the human body. When these eggs hatch in the intestines, the pinworms make it their home. The females will go all the way to the rectum to lay their eggs there and then, when the eggs hatch, they crawl back to the intestines.

Since the children are young, they do not know the dangers of passing off an infection to their fellow playmates. Pin worm, though not necessarily a serious condition, can be a cause of irritation. The pin worms cause itching and burning in the anal or the vaginal region of children. The children might begin to lose weight and have difficulty sleeping. Some children may also exhibit signs of fatigue.

If you fear that your child has pin worms, you can check the anal region. Sometimes, the newly hatched worms can be clearly visible.

Our bodies are strong enough to kill off the pinworms, but this process takes some time and the constant wriggling of the pinworms can be a cause of irritation. In fact, if you share your bed space with your child, you might get infected too.

It is a good idea to bathe your children as soon as they are wake up. Take good care while washing their undergarments. The undergarments are very intimate and if proper hygiene is not maintained, the child could get re-infected. Also air your bedrooms properly. Sun light naturally kills worms and bacteria in your homes. Let the sunlight enter the house for a couple of hours everyday.

Encourage your little ones to wash their hands every time they visit the toilet. Make sure they wash their hands before eating. Add a little garlic to your child’s food. Garlic naturally kills these worms in the intestines. If your child does not like garlic, grind two three cloves and after mixing it with petroleum jelly, apply the mixture to the anal regions. If there are eggs in the anal orifice, they will be killed off.

Feed your child coconut, a powerful cure for pin worms, several times a day. Since the worms are in the intestinal tract, they can be flushed out by food with a lot of fiber. Therefore, increase your child’s intake of whole grains, raw vegetables and fruits.

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