Remedies For Burning Sensation in Feet During Sleep

By Patricia | November 17, 2009

What causes hot and burning sensation in my feet at night

Hot feet is the popular term for a common condition that causes affected individuals to feel an intense burning sensation in and around their feet. In many cases, this feeling intensifies in the night and some people find it difficult to even sleep. Most cases are observed in people over fifty, though many younger people suffer too. The first thing to realize is that this condition is not a disease, but a symptom of some other underlying medical condition. For example, many diabetics develop neuropathy, which causes numbness in the feet due to damaged nerve cells and can cause ‘hot feet’. Another common reason is simple fatigue due to standing for prolonged periods of time, or due to ‘mechanical overload’ in obese individuals. In some cases, hot feet may be a sign of a fungal infection (athlete’s foot) or an allergic reaction to material used in socks or footwear. Some people, including dancers and joggers, may even be suffering from a form of repetitive stress injury (RTI) where nerves in the foot are compressed. Less common reasons include over consumption of alcohol or tobacco, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid conditions, and heavy metal poisoning.

Home Remedies

The best course of action for you will be to consult with your doctor or a podiatrist. There is no direct treatment for hot feet, and you will only get relief if the root cause is diagnosed and treated. In the meantime, you can try some home remedies to provide relief from the discomfort and take some preventative measures. Over-the-counter pain medications may not help, especially when the cause may be due to nerve damage or compression. The next time you suffer an attack of hot feet, simply soak your feet in cold water. For any localized pain, use an ice pack as a cold compress. Applying a generous layer of aloe vera gel will also help to cool the feet and reduce the burning sensation.

Maintain good hygiene and avoid situations where your feet are sweaty and enclosed for long periods of time. You may want to wear socks made of natural fibers that ‘breathe’ better, such as cotton or wool. If your footwear has a large number of artificial materials, try switching to leather shoes, making sure that the fit is comfortable. In case your daily lifestyle demands prolonged walking or standing, invest in some cushioned insoles to reduce the impact on the feet. Avoid or quit both drinking and smoking for some time to see if this has any impact on your condition.

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