Symptoms Of Athletes Foot And Natural Cure For Infection

By Patricia | November 17, 2009

Infections and consequent symptoms such as itching and irritation are usually caused by a lack of adequate personal hygiene. Certain fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot can also cause itchiness between the toes. Key symptoms associated with the onset of Athlete’s foot are cracked skin, flaking and the presence of white soggy skin. If left untreated the fungal infection can spread to the soles or sides of the foot. It can also affect the toe nails.

Foot Care

This problem is generally caused by the disregard of proper foot care practices. The feet are either enclosed in shoes the entire day which causes an accumulation of sweat and increases the risk of infections or they are in open sandals which leaves them vulnerable to dirt and dust. It is therefore impossible to keep your feet immaculate at all times and so proper foot care is a must. Foot care requires basic hygiene practices that ensure the foot is kept clean and dry at all times.

Home Remedies

Shoes must be chosen with great care. Choosing the wrong footwear can cause pain and discomfort. Choose footwear that supports the arch of the foot and provides ample room for the toes. It is advisable to wear airy footwear until the itchy sensation reduces. Women are more likely to wear ill fitting footwear to meet fashion norms. It is advisable to alternate comfortable flat footwear with other high heels or closed shoes to avoid affecting the delicate soles. Allow your feet to breathe by avoiding footwear at home. Take care of your shoes by repairing heels and washing sports shoes to ensure footwear does not cause fungal infections. Make sure that your shoes are completely dry before you wear them as damp shoes are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Socks also contribute to the well being of your feet. Wear cotton socks instead of synthetic fibers. It is advisable to change socks frequently as sweating keeps feet moist.

Render foot care by soaking tired feet in a warm tub of water; this should be followed by a cold soak. Adding Epsom salts to the water before soaking the feet can also benefit the feet. Dust talcum powder over the feet and itchy areas to ensure powders absorb moisture. This helps keep the feet dry and smelling fresh. A home pedicure can also help keep itchy toes at bay. Soak your feet in warm water and scrub the feet with a pumice stone. Allow the feet to dry and after they are completely dry, massage the feet with a gentle cream. Massage the feet in circular motion to stimulate blood circulation and soften the surface of the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a fresh towel. Consider rubbing some almond or coconut oil on dry areas of skin at bedtime. Allow your feet to breathe by avoiding footwear at home.

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