Benefits of Elliptical Exercises

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

Elliptical exercise refers to exercise done on special elliptical trainers or machines. This equipment is usually used in fitness clubs. Elliptical exercises help to give the body a cardiovascular workout. The exercise is a combination of cycling and running. The individual has to place his feet on two platforms which keep moving along an elliptical track.


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The individual also has to pump two handles using his arms. This helps with the rotation of the pedals.

One of the main elliptical exercise benefits is that the heart rate is effectively elevated for a continued period of time.

This allows better aerobic fitness and sustained burning of calories. The intensity of an elliptical workout and treadmill exercise is similar in nature. However, some believe that the exertion on an elliptical machine is lower than that on a treadmill. The biggest advantage of elliptical exercise workouts is that they involve the muscles of the arms and legs. Treadmills are not able to provide this benefit. An individual can work out his upper body by pumping his arms vigorously on an elliptical. The simultaneous exercise of both the arms and legs on an elliptical machine leads to a high level of calorie burning. Some claim that the rate of calorie burning during elliptical exercise is higher than cycling or running. Another benefit of an elliptical exercise plan is that the joints are not over exerted. Running on a treadmill may contribute to increased stress on the joints over a period of time. This is because the feet strike the ground forcefully while running. This often results in sprains and joint aches. An elliptical involves smoother movement and is therefore not very jarring. Joint injuries are also less likely to occur. The risk of getting blisters is also lower on an elliptical than on a treadmill.

The possibilities of experiencing major injuries are also much less on an elliptical trainer than on a treadmill. It could be very dangerous for an individual if he trips or falls while on a treadmill. The moving track can throw the individual off the machine. Falling from an elliptical machine is highly unlikely. This is because the feet are planted firmly on the pedals and the arms are placed on the handles. This helps to support the body even if balance is lost. Many experts believe that elliptical offer the benefits of running and cycling. It involves both body weight resistance as well as mechanical resistance.

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