Yoga for Treating Colitis

By Patricia | April 13, 2007
Yoga For Colitis

I diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 19. At that time, I felt that it was more like a state of being" than an illness. After the early diagnosis, my condition was more or less latent for several years. It was only after I completed engineering college and started work that the attacks recommenced with increasing regularity. However I could manage them quite easily. Look dad, nothing to break your head over.

I started falling sick once more around Easter, 2006. At first, I didnt take this attack too seriously. But as the force and severity got worse in June, and by July 20, 2006, I was admitted to a clinic where I had never been before. I was told that I would be there only for a couple days at most. However the days passed into weeks and as my body refused to respond to treatment and my options were quickly declining to just one: surgery.

I finally left the clinic on July 29, 2006. At last was it time to return home. I was feeble and down in the dumps and scared of the impending surgery. But, thankfully, I was 27 years old and still alive. Certainly something.

Fortunately I ran into a friend who suggested yoga. By then I was desperate enough to try anything. There it was that I was prescribed this Yoga Posture Sequence for colitis.

  1. Bound angle pose
  2. Bridge pose
  3. Corpse pose
  4. Downward facing dog
  5. Half-plough pose
  6. Headstand
  7. Hero pose
  8. Inverted staff pose
  9. Legs up the wall pose
  10. Reclining bound angle pose
  11. Reclining easy seated pose
  12. Shoulderstand
  13. Wide-angle seated pose

Things have been great ever since. The pain has eased, as have the urges to run to the loo. Probably the diet. I'm absolutely off non-veg fare, just plain pulses and veggies, mainly the green-leafy vegetable kind. Also plenty and plenty of yoghurt!

I would like to use this blog to narrate some of my experiences during my stay in the clinic

Thanks a lot! And wish me luck.

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