Best Stretches For Flexible Body

By Patricia | August 4, 2010
Stretching For Flexibility

Flexibility is a range of motion and is specific to a given movement or joint. When a specific joint does not have the normal movement then it will not be able to perform properly. A person needs to be able to move their joints through their entire range of movement to be able to lead a regular life and to play sports regularly. A sprinter may not be able to sprint if his hamstring muscles are inelastic and tight. He will thus not be able to flex his muscles or his hip joints adequately leading to a shorter stride. A gymnastic or a ballerina may also not be able to move fluidly and smoothly if their muscles are tight and inelastic. Likewise a karate player or a diver would also be handicapped in their movements if they are not be able to go through the entire range of motion which at times can even be dangerous for them. Hence stretching for flexibility is essential for better performance. Flexibility and stretching go hand in hand.

Doing stretching for functional flexibility would also help in preventing any possible injury that may develop in the short term or the long term. Those persons who are inflexible and are involved in physical activities may end up risking their limbs and their muscles. Stretch and flex exercises are the perfect way to get the body toned and ready. One should note that warming up and stretching is not the same thing. But stretching is considered to be an essential part of the warming up routine. Warming up is actually the warming up of one’s body, which involves raising the body temperature a couple of degrees.

Some of the best stretches for flexibility are the back stretches. One should always warm up first and then do these back and body stretches as they can otherwise cause the body to stiffen and tighten. When doing the stretching one should always start by stretching the muscles of the back, and then proceed to the sides and the neck. Next one should stretch the forearms and the wrists before moving on to the triceps and the chest. Finally the buttocks and the groin area need to be stretched and then the thighs, the calves, shins, hamstrings and instep. However, when starting with a work out, not all have the time to do a proper workout which follows this proper sequence.

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