Stretch & Sweep Medical Procedure

By Patricia | August 4, 2010
Stretch And Sweep

Stretch and sweep refers to a medical procedure that performed by a midwife when a woman is in labor. During this process, a few fingers are inserted into the vagina of a woman in labor, in order to stretch the cervix as well as sweep the membranes, around the baby. This procedure is done in order to bring on labor, by stimulating the prostaglandins hormones. The stretch and sweep is an invasive procedure, which could be a bit embarrassing for some women, but is also very helpful. However, there are some risks involved in this procedure, that are related to water-breaking and infections. If a woman’s water breaks during the stretch and sweep examination, fast and furious contractions are the most probable outcome.

What is stretch and grow?

Stretch and grow refers to a group of fitness experts that can help children grow faster, by adopting various stretching exercising and following the right diet. There are several stretching exercises that can help a child to grow taller, by releasing some natural growth hormones in the body. Some of these exercises may include the cat stretch, the butterfly stretch, shoulder shrugs, the leg stretch and the sky stretch. However, there may be several other stretching exercises used. Stretch and grow classes are available across the globe.

What is stretch and poke?

Stretch and poke refers to a specific type of tires that can be found on some cars. In this procedure, a narrower tire is stretched to fit on a wide tire, to give it a stretched look. This is believed to improve the functionality, as it lets drivers to go low on their wheels, without rubbing the tires on the fenders.

What is stretch and pray?

Stretch and pray refers to a certain discipline that can help promote spiritual as well as physical wellness in a person. It refers to the integration of the spirit as well as the body. Available through different resources, this discipline puts forth the several benefits of stretching and praying quietly. There are several gentle stretches, postures and movements that are included in Stretch and pray that can help improve one’s wellbeing on the physical and spiritual front. It states that a person can be very active and highly energetic, on a physical level and on the spiritual front such stretching poses can be used, to deepen the experience of praying.

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