Treating Pain In Eyes Due To Welder’s Flash

By Patricia | March 5, 2010

There are excessive pain in eye of my husband due to welders flash, what can I do?

If your husband is suffering only from welder’s flash, then it should typically resolve itself with about 48 hours. If this is a recurrent problem, you can use some methods to get rid of the pain and accompanying discomfort. The first thing that you need to do when your husband’s eye is exposed to an excessive and sudden burst of light is to ask him to shut the eye at once. This is a simple and basic precautionary measure that can go a long way towards helping to take care of the discomfort. It is wise to also generally avoid the eye from being used extensively. This would mean your husband should take complete and total rest, and certainly, avoid exposure to light for some time. Sleeping is one of the best and most rejuvenating cures for something like this. Relief can be found from the intense pain by using cold compresses on the eyes consistently for about an hour. Use cloth or cotton pads that have been dipped in iced water and he will feel extremely comfortable with the cool sensation which will be soothing to the sandy, grit like feeling inside the eyes. This is a typical and documented description of the experience of welder’s flash.

Another excellent remedy is to put a few drops of rose water in the eye. Rose water is extremely cooling in nature and will make the eyes feel comfortable. You can also use a menthol treatment. Apply a mentholated cream, normally used for cold or congestion, right underneath the eyes. This would be on the cheekbones. This may cause some watering of the eyes at first, but it is known to dissipate the pain slowly and steadily. For the future, it is always advisable to wear dark glasses when exposed to excessive light. This can also indicate that dark glasses must be worn when out in the day, or out in snow. It is important because once the eyes become sensitive, they will react to even lesser flashes of light. Try not to strain the eyes too much, this will not only cause discomfort, it will also bring about the early onset of wrinkles around the eyes! If the pain persists after 48 hours, you are advised to see a doctor. This is important because it is possible that what you are thinking of as welder’s rash could be something else, and perhaps even more severe than you think.

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