Rotator Cuff Injury And Treatment

By Patricia | February 22, 2010

Rotator cuff is basically a collective group of muscles that work together to help control the movement and rotation of your arms. These muscles are located around the shoulder joint. As there is high concentration of muscles in this area, this area of the body is highly sensitive and prone to injuries. Adding to this is the fact that these muscles are put under a lot of strain during some of the strenuous sports like baseball, cricket, swimming, and the likes. Over use of these muscles leads to either a tear in the muscles, or inflammation of the muscles near the joints. Apart from any sudden movement or sport related injury, the rotator cuff muscles can also get strained due to age, sudden impact, incorrect posture, or lifting something very heavy. Whatever the reason, if the rotator cuff is strained, you need to first consult a physiotherapist and get the appropriate medical treatment done. This will help take care of the inflammation that usually a part of the strain.

Treatment For Strained Rotator Cuff

Apart from consulting the doctor, the one thing that you really need to do is rest your shoulder. Do not make any sudden movements with your arms that will aggravate the situation. In fact, make it a point to carry your arm in a sling for 15-20 days to keep reminding yourself that you have injured or strained him for the rotator cuff. Apart from this, while you are resting your shoulder, place a bag of ice cubes on the injured area throughout the day, for at least 15-20 minutes each time. This will help to reduce the inflammation and subsequently the pain. Along with applying the cold compress, in between, also make it a point to administer heat therapy to the affected area. Again, apply the hot compress for the same amount of time, that is, around 15-20 minutes throughout the day. Accompany the heat therapy with some of the stretching exercises that will help to loosen up the strained muscles. If, resting your shoulder for the first 15-20 minutes has not proved to be beneficial, then you might have to go for electronic simulation and ultra sound therapy. But go for this treatment only after consulting your physician. A strain in the rotator cuff can also occur if you hold your muscles in one position for too long, every single day. You, therefore, also need to take care of your posture.

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