Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

By Patricia | February 3, 2010

There are several home remedies to treat swelling but you have not specified what kind of swelling you suffer from, whether it is merely a skin disorder or the swelling around any particular organ. Swelling usually occurs due to tissue growth, a collection of fluid in particular pockets or due to abnormal tissue movement. It is sometimes the result of a surgery and will heal in a few weeks. It may also occur due to injury when the small blood vessels under the skin are ruptured and leak fluid into the surrounding areas. Swelling on the hands and face can be caused by allergic reactions and swollen feet are usually found in pregnant women.

Even as you try out the following herbal home remedies, it would be advisable to consult a doctor to ascertain the cause for your condition. Ginger is a popular remedy for swelling and can be had in your food or you may even try out ginger candy. Garnish your food with onions and garlic as its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties will strengthen the immune system and fight inflammation causing agents. Dandelion which functions as a diuretic is known to leech out excess fluid accumulation and can be consumed on a weekly basis. Pineapple is also known to reduce swelling and can be had as often as you wish. Steam broccoli and consume it at least thrice a week, the calcium and Vitamin C present will aid in fighting general swelling. Spinach that is rich in Vitamin E and carotenoids, an anti inflammatory oxidant is known to help to a great extent. Soak a few walnuts overnight and consume every morning to remove the enzyme inhibitor, you may do this with almonds as well and consume daily. Brew strong witch hazel tea and dip a clean piece of cloth into it. Apply on the swollen area to relieve pain and reduce the inflammation. Try placing a few leaves of a cabbage on the affected area and tying it lightly in place with a lightly moist cloth to reduce the swelling. Make a poultice using cucumber slices placed over thin potato slices and placed over the affected area. Massage the area with warm mustard oil and have a bath in warm water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water. It will emit a rather pungent odour but will help if continued for a week or so. Avoid smoking, drinking and caffeinated beverages, and consume a protein rich diet including fish, eggs, and green leafy vegetables.

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