Treatment For Influenza

By Patricia | May 15, 2007
Treatment For Influenza

A couple months ago I came down with a horrible cold. Fortunately, within a few days I managed to be free of it. It's rather astonishing, especially considering how in the past I'd be down and out for a few days, at least. This time I didn't take a single paracetamol or any "western pill". I just relied on common sense and a little help from Ayurveda.

This made me to ponder over the current situation and I finally came up with these steps:

  • Your yoga practice; it is a healing art. It has lots and lots of benefits. Yoga hones up all systems of the body. One of them is the lymphatic system. It is responsible for our immunity. Alertness and knowledge are the keys. Oftentimes during Yoga practice your body may reveal to you a lot about whats happening inside. Listen to it; its more than any doctor or nurse or X-ray, C.T. Scan or MRI will be able to tell you.
  • I cant write enough about my Neti pot. I know that if I want to keep my sinuses nice and clear during the winters and unstable temperatures the best way is to remain mucous-free.
  • Have lots of Vitamin C. as far As possible try to avoid the pill form. I'd rather expose you to the glories of Chyawanprash. This is an Ayurvedic (dosha-balancing) health supplement thats a great immuno booster. Primarily from Alma Indian gooseberries it is known to contain the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the world.
  • Make it a point to have lots and lots of water. Keep drinking it all through the day and at nights, if and when you wake up. Water is an excellent medium to flush out any toxins out of the system before giving them time to grow.
  • Above all get loads and loads of SLEEP.

Love is also very important. If you're smiling at this moment, it means you are not taking this seriously it shows you're not the terribly serious type. Great, you'll never get serious, either. Love definitely strengthens the immune system, and enhances longevity. So remain healthy and have a great season.

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