Yoga To Get Rid of Itching

By Patricia | May 17, 2007
Yoga For Localized Itching

What's that Yoga got to do with curing itching problems?

I've been enjoying my yoga classes immensely and for plenty of reasons. To start with, it is helping me with my itching problem, the discomfort resulting from my, well, condition. I don't really wanna put a name to it. I even gave up my medicines and the itching has gone down. (I will keep that medicine handy, just in case it returns, though, since I don't want to deal with that stuff again!

Secondly, yoga's a great release for me as I get to go sit in this dark, silent room with no children at all, and no cell phones and no dirty linen strewn all over the place. We practice yogasanas, pranayamas and meditation... all the stuff I would recommend for anyone who has an iota of stress in life. It absolutely makes up my "mommy time", I don't mind using my own time for practicing yoga. I really return home feeling rejuvenated and transformed.

Further, when I visited our Yoga Center Ayurvaid, I was told some things amazing about the conditions of imbalance of Pitta, it is caused by inflammations in the body, including conjunctivitis, hives, skin rashes, gastritis ulcers or peptic ulcers, heart disease. The symptoms of redness, burning and itching are characteristics of Pitta imbalance.

The treatment plan was prescribed based on my constitution type. The plan included dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, cleansing techniques called Panchakarmas, Ayurvedic remedies, and specific yoga postures (asanas) and pranayama practices.

Recommended asanas are: bound lotus, bow, fish, shoulder stand, bridge and tree pose. I was told to avoid the headstand, wheel, and peacock, which may aggravate Pitta. Pranayama practice includes left nostril breathing and the cooling Sitali. Both of these, I was told, create a cooling effect in the body.

Feel like a whole new guy now, really.

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