Practice of Yoga after Kidney Transplant

By Patricia | September 23, 2008
Yoga After A Kidney Transplant

Yoga must be practiced with caution after a kidney transplant. Under all circumstances your medical practitioner must be kept informed if you intend to start practicing yoga anytime after the surgery. There is usually a window period during which exercise of any kind is not advocated after a transplant; on the other hand some yoga asanas may be part of your recommended physiotherapy.

Yoga practice is ideal for relieving stress. Meditation in yoga eases all forms of stress-related kidney troubles. Yoga poses call for abdominal toning and exercising the internal organs, through the various forms of twists, bends, inversions, and core strengthening postures and asanas.

Most nephrologists are of the opinion that simple and basic exercises contribute to steady recovery and fitness. However it is important that any form of exercise must be done only till you are comfortable; do not attempt yoga till the point of exhaustion or fatigue. Your movement should be fluid without any jerks or sudden movements that are likely to cause injury.

One important yoga asana that is extremely beneficial for kidney troubles is the half spinal twist also known as Ardha Matsendra Asana in yoga. The half spinal twist helps in toning the spleen, the liver, the pancreas, and the kidney. The yoga asana also helps in exercising the spinal muscles and the ligaments surrounding it. More importantly the half spinal twist is also useful to improve metabolism and digestion. In the half spinal twist, the muscles of the back are exercised, stretched and toned in such a manner that stress and tension are relieved. This particular yoga asana is also advocated in cases of lumbar pain, rheumatoid arthritis and slip disc issues.

The half spinal sitting twist energizes eases constipation, and improves the flow of energy throughout the spine. More importantly this particular twist also helps in releasing mental stress and pressure. Since the neck and the head are also part of the movements in the half spinal twist, the exercise to upper neck muscles helps in flexing the neck and the spinal cord.

To perform the half spinal twist:

  • Rest on your heels as you kneel with both your legs together.
  • Seat yourself placing your entire body on the right of your feet
  • Gently raise your left leg over your right, positioning the left foot against the outside of the right knee. AS you keep your spine in an erect position, get your right heel close to your buttocks.
  • Extend your arms out to the shoulder level while twisting the torso to the left.
  • Now place your right arm below to the outside of the left knee. Clutch your left foot in your right hand, and put your left hand on the floor behind you. Twist as far as possible to the left without forcing yourself to strain. Turn over your left shoulder and look the other way around.
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