How Yoga Postures Influence A Healthy Circulatory System

By pal | September 22, 2008
How Yoga Postures Influence A Healthy Circulatory System

In the practice of Yoga there are a number of precise movements coupled with correct breathing techniques that have been known to play a very important role in improving the circulatory system. As the yoga practitioner takes long deep breaths and consciously helps the body to relax and concentrate, there is a reduction in the levels of stress hormones and adrenal-cortex hormones in the circulatory system. Some specific poses of Yoga are known to directly benefit and enhance the circulation of blood and body fluids throughout the body. The different organs of the body are also positively impacted due to the effective flow circulation to the various parts. Yoga helps the body to rejuvenate its functioning of the immune system. More importantly, Yoga also encourages a healthier lifestyle and imparts teaches the body to inculcate values such as discipline and self-awareness during a practice session.

A healthy circulatory system is important for a healthy living. Yoga helps to prevent various circulatory ailments and illnesses such as high blood pressure, shallow breathing, muscle tension and coronary heart disease. In Yoga deep breathing, bodily and mental relaxation of the muscles causes the blood to reach to the different systems in the body such as the digestive, reproductive, glandular, and immune systems. This in turn paves the way for an improved blood circulation and the flow of important nutrients in the body.

Some key points on how he different poses and postures in Yoga are advantageous in influencing a healthy circulatory system in the body:

  • Standing Postures - In standing poses, the lateral wall of the heart is exercised is such a manner that it becomes flexible and toned up. Standing poses helps in improving the flow of blood along the walls of the heart thus preventing heart diseases.
  • Inverted Postures – Inverted postures in Yoga helps to prevent muscles and cell tissue degeneration due to the benefits of that the inverted poses have on the body. Inverted postures help in effective blood circulation to the brain. Moreover the lymph system in the legs and the muscles are properly rested in exercises involving inverted poses.
  • Horizontal Postures – In horizontal poses, blood pressure is effective brought under control as the performance of horizontal postures helps in resting and rejuvenating the heart and lungs.
  • Bending Postures – In bending postures the body experiences improved blood supply to the cardiac muscles. This leads to a toning up of the myocardium or the heart muscles.
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