Yoga for Breast Feeding Moms

By Patricia | September 18, 2008
Yoga For Saggy Breasts

Most women today consider saggy breasts to be a problem that is to be dealt with. Yoga asanas can certainly help to cope up with drooping breasts and help them make it firm.

Do the following yoga asanas daily preferably in the morning for 3-5 minutes:-

Vrikshasana (The Tree Pose)

To do this pose, stand erect without bending your knees. Place both your hands at the sides of your body. Now, bend your right knee and raise your right leg inwards (towards the left leg). Catch your right ankle with your right hand. Slowly place your right leg on your left thigh such that your right leg is now parallel to the ground. After ensuring that you have attained body balance standing on one foot, join both your palms at the middle of the chest. Gradually, raise both your joined palms along the centre of your body. You may curve your elbows slightly. The final position would be to have your joined palms above your head. At this juncture, breathe normally and do not make an extra effort to balance your body. Just close your eyes, relax and let your body muscles stretch. Repeat the same with your left leg being placed on the right thigh.

You will feel that the chest muscles are stretched upwards and also the side breast muscles are raised. Thus, with few weeks you will notice a change in your breast getting firm and toned up.

Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)

In the Cobra pose, lie down on a flat surface on your stomach and chest. The knees should be together and the hands again at the side of the body. The palms of the hands should be facing upwards. The next step is to fold the elbows and raise your hands. Your palms should now touch the ground at the level of your chest. Raise your head and instead of the forehead, touch the ground with your chin. With the support of both your hands on the ground, raise your head with chin facing upwards. Next, move your shoulders backwards and then try to lift the entire upper body. Your navel will touch the ground. This pose adequately stretches and tones the breast muscles. Hold onto this position for 3-5 minutes and while doing so breathe normally.

Also, since your breasts are saggy try to wear a bra that has strong support in terms of a wide strap and back strap. This will carry and buoy up your breasts better. It is extremely important to know your correct bra size and try your bra before your purchase it. To make your breasts firm, a bra plays a vital role. Do not be without a bra for more than 10 hours a day. These steps will not only shape up your breasts but also make your look and feel more confident and happy!

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