Yoga for breast reduction

(November 9, 2010)

I want to reduce the size of my breast which has increased after i gave birth a baby. pls advice

“Can we practice yoga for breast reduction?” is a question that is asked by many women. Changes in a woman’s breast size are caused due to various reasons. These include aspects such as change in a person’s overall body weight, age, menstrual cycle, and taking of contraceptive pills. Breasts do not contain any muscle tissue and are made up of fat. This ideally means that any yoga done for breast reduction works on the chest muscles that supports your breast tissue. Any effective breast reduction yoga exercise you do generally works on your upper back and chest muscles.
The benefits of yoga are many, but you need to remember that any yoga done for breast reduction will affect your entire body and not just the weight of your breasts. Your breast size, to a great extent, depends on your genetic make-up. Using Power Yoga you can reduce your breasts greatly and burn down any calories that are unwanted. Yoga for breast reduction can be done with Ashtanga yoga poses. Before starting yoga for breast reduction ensure that the temperature in your room is set at a higher level. This will increase your metabolism and also help you burn extra calories.
There are a number of poses such as the Paschimottanasan or the Spinal Stretch which are extremely useful in toning your breasts. These exercises help you cope with a number of chest and abdomen related disorders as well. Practicing yoga directly impacts your breast reduction efforts as the various yoga postures help in stretching and working out your breasts.  
Another popular pose for breast reduction is the head stand. This advanced form of yoga is also called Shirshasana and entails standing on your head upside down. As a result of this blood flows to your head and heart due to gravity. Care should be taken to do this exercise under a trained yoga professional as it is an advanced posture.   
Using pilates for breast reduction also works. Pilates exercises help bring about a balanced development in the body. These exercises not only engage your mind but improve your posture and help you reduce weight.  
Yoga and meditation for breast reduction can give you great results. Breathing exercises, postures and meditation in yoga are very beneficial. They not only help in the reduction of your blood pressure, but also normalize your heart rate.  Yoga exercises are designed to offer proper exercise, relaxation, perfect breathing and positive thinking.

Submitted by A on November 9, 2010 at 05:47

Yoga cannot reduce your breast size without reducing weight over all. Increased breast size is normal after the birth of a child, and generally your breast size will return to close to normal with a few months after you stop breast feeding. However,if you are not finding that this is the case,you can try yoga that will help you lose weight over all (as it is very difficult to target a specific area without gaining muscle in that area and muscle will only increase your breast size). Try practicing the more high energy yoga styles such as Power yoga or Ashtanga yoga. These styles will increase your heart rate and ultimately your metabolic rate. This will increase the number of calories you burn which will help you lose weight. Power yoga and Ashtanga yoga focus on Sun Salutations at an increased pace which will cause you to breath harder and get your heart beating faster. Both styles may be done in a heated room for added effect.

You will want to avoid asanas that may build muscle in your chest area. This includes planks and potentially handstands and even upward facing dog. Building muscle in the chest area will only enhance your breast size.

Submitted by R W on November 2, 2007 at 05:29

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