Breast Reduction and Yoga

(September 5, 2010)

Is there any yoga for breast reduction?

Yoga Breast Reduction Surgery - Breast Reduction Yoga Size
Yoga helps in the toning the body as well as the breasts. Breast size usually increases when breast feeding the baby and gets back to the normal size when it is stopped. To achieve breast reduction through yoga you must choose the right types of yoga postures. The shoulder stand and planks are exercises that are recommended for breast reduction through yoga. They help in the toning of the chest area. Make sure you don’t practice it too intensively as too much muscle will only make your breast size seem bigger. Breast reduction yoga exercises also include those exercises which are effective in the reduction of obesity. Breast reduction through yoga is simple and eliminates the need for breast reduction pills and surgery.
When practicing breast reduction yoga exercises, fat deposits and cholesterol are reduced in the trunk region. Good breast reduction exercises include inverted yoga poses such as the Matsyasana (Fish pose), Chakrasana (Wheel pose) and Ardh Chakrasana (Semi wheel pose). The arm stretch pose is also effective in reducing the size of the breasts. It also helps in the circulation of blood through the body. By practicing breast reduction through power yoga, the size of the breasts is reduced significantly. A ten minute daily practice of the Suryanamaskara asana (Sun salutation) will help in getting the desired results.
If you feel that you are not getting any results with the practice of yoga, breast reduction surgery maybe the next option. In breast reduction surgery, some of the fatty tissue and a part of the breast gland are taken out. The open skin is then stitched or glued together. This surgery is done by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. A discussion that covers all your doubts and expectations is a must. If you have realistic expectations and an outlook that is positive, your surgery at the hands of a qualified surgeon will be a success.
A common reason why a male goes in for breast reduction is due to a condition called Gynecomastia. Causes of this condition are usually hormonal imbalances or the intake of some medication. Reduction through yoga of the male breast should not be used as the only solution to this condition. Without proper guidance from a qualified instructor the chest shape could be irreversibly molded and could cause more harm than good.
Through breast reduction yoga exercises, the size of the breasts is decreased by the burning of fat deposits. The regular practice of these exercises not only provided exercise to the breast, but to the trunk region as well. Be sure to seek the guidance of a qualified instructor as the wrong techniques could lead to a worsened condition.

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To the best of my knowledge, there are no specific Breast Reduction techniques in Yoga. However if you’re overweight you could try clicking this URL: You are sure to get lots of suggestions and tips.


You will also have to follow a Yoga diet. Just type “Yoga Diet” in our search box. You are sure to get a number of results,. They will all be of lots of help to you.

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