Types of Fitness Walking Shoes

By Patricia | August 3, 2010
Fitness Walking Shoes

There are several health benefits and advantages that have been associated with walking in recent years. One of the biggest advantages of walking is that it does not require any special equipment, apart from a pair of good walking shoes. Unfortunately, what many walking women do not realize is that tennis shoes with thin soles or footwear that look athletic may not really be designed for function, but fashion. Wearing walking or fitness running shoes that are incorrect could be quite dangerous, as they may lead to foot problems or injuries. Every foot type and size is different and therefore it is important to choose a pair of fitness walking shoes that is the most appropriate for your feet. There are three basic foot-types – rigid feet, flexible feet and neutral feet. By describing what your foot does every time you take a step, you can identify what your foot-type is. Thereafter, opt for a pair of walking shoes that support your foot-type properly, as they will put less stress on your feet, helping you to feel better when you go walking. Therefore, it is safe to state that choosing the right walking shoe can make your walking experience more pleasant.

How to fit athletic shoes?

There are several types of athletic shoes, such as basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, aerobic exercise shoes and so on. First of all, narrow down the type of athletic shoe that would best suit you, based on the type of sports that you play. It is a good idea to know your shoe size and to try on the pair of athletic shoes that you are considering, before you decide to purchase it. Several leading stores that sell sports shoes have shoe-fitting experts that can help you try the shoes on and can guide you on whether they are right for you or if you should go in for another pair instead. In case you decide to buy a pair of athletic shoes online, there are several websites that can help you with instructions to print the size chart and measure your feet, before buying the shoe. These tips can help you choose the right fitness walking shoes.

Kangaroo exercise shoes

Kangaroo shoes refer to shoes that are made from classic kangaroo leather. These shoes are known more for their style as they match most women’s outfits. Unfortunately, they can be quite uncomfortable, if they are not broken into properly and gradually. Kangaroo shoes are usually resistant to scuffs and therefore go through less wear and tear, as compared to other shoes, making them great fitness walking shoes. In order to be comfortable while wearing kangaroo shoes, it is best to wear them around the house for a few days till your feet get used to them.

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