How To Select Right Shoes For Running And Walking

By Patricia | August 3, 2010
Walking With Shoes

Walking is a wonderful exercise that provides many health benefits. Some people may prefer to walk as a form of exercise, while others may enjoy walking for leisure. In all cases the type of shoes you wear while walking make a big difference. If you wear the right shoe walking becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable. The ankles, feet and knees undergo a great deal of exertion while walking and wearing the correct shoes will provide support to the areas, as well as help to protect from possible injuries.

The most important aspect of selecting the right footwear is to ensure that the shoes fit comfortably. Good shoes also provide adequate flexibility and support when required. They help to protect the muscles, joints and bones of the entire leg. This places the foot in the correct position while walking and helps to absorb shock. A helpful tip for those who want to buy walking shoes is to go shopping for them in the evening. The feet are exerted constantly during the day and by evening they become heavy and sore. Therefore this is the best time to buy shoes since the feet become slightly larger. Any new shoe will feel tight. When shopping in the evening, the shoe needs to adjust to the swollen feet and hence will feel more comfortable. There are many stores that keep shoes especially meant for walking. You can also purchase a shoe pedometer from such a store. This is a helpful device that clips on to your belt or the shoes, and helps keep track of steps and distance.

Many people are not able to make a decision when it comes to running shoes vs walking shoes. Running shoes have thicker soles than walking shoes. The sides of running shoes are also stiffer and higher than those of walking shoes. This provides better support to the ankles and helps to prevent sprains. However some people prefer wearing running shoes for walking as they cushion the feet more. Those who have high arches in the feet may feel more comfortable in running shoes as they provide greater flexibility. These shoes are also ready for heel to toe movement. But since walking and running are different activities that exert the legs in a different ways, it is advisable to keep running shoes and walking shoes separate. People who take part in various athletic activities are advised to opt for general purpose or cross training athletic shoes. When buying shoes for walking or running, one must keep in mind the body weight, running or walking technique, strength of the ankles, joints, shins and muscles and the foot type, whether flat or high-arched.

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