Calories Burnt In Weight Lifting & Strength Training

By Patricia | August 23, 2010
Calories Burned Weight Lifting

The precise amount of calories burned while weight lifting depends entirely on factors such as your weight, the duration that one training session lasts, the intensity of your weight training session and to some extent, your age too. A middle-aged man, weighing 180 pounds should burn approximately 400 to 475 calories, while lifting weights for 60 minutes, with vigorous effort (no rest or little rest, between each set), at an intensity that causes his heart rate to remain a bit elevated. In case the effort is a little less, which means that if the person rests between each set, the number of calories burnt in that one hour could be as low as 250. The calories burned from weight lifting could therefore vary from person to person.

Calories burned from spinning

Spinning, also known as indoor cycling is an excellent way to tone up your legs and lose weight all over your body. Spinning is known to be an excellent fat burner. Researchers indicate that on average, a 30-minute spinning session should help a person burn around 500 calories. Fitness experts also state that the number of calories burned while spinning can go much higher, if the intensity of the workout is increased. One of the biggest advantages of spinning is that it is performed on an indoor cycle and therefore, you can stick with it all year long, regardless of the weather.

Through yoga

The calories burned from weight lifting can be significant in themselves if practiced appropriately, and adding yoga to your routine can give you an added advantage and also improve your weight lifting performance. Several people wonder if yoga can actually help them burn enough calories to supplement their cardio workout. Like most other forms of exercise, the exact number of calories burned during yoga sessions vary, as they depend on many factors. Yoga involves several styles of exercises, as well as poses. Performing “light” standing yoga exercises for one hour usually burns around 170 calories. However, there are some yoga styles, like Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) that can enable your body to burn more calories.

With strength training

Strength training refers to the practice of working your muscles against some form of resistance. When your muscles are challenged by higher weight or resistance, than they can handle, the muscles begin responding with an improvement in physical strength as well as size. Strength training has the ability to improve your metabolic rate, so that your body continues burning calories for hours after you exercise. The exact number of calories burned during strength training depends on several factors. However, a person weighing 150 pounds should burn around 400 calories in an hour, after a vigorous session.

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