Wii Fit on Yoga: A Fitness Stimulation Game

By Patricia | December 8, 2008
Wii Fit: A Fitness Stimulation Game

How Many Times A Week Should Yoga Be Done On The Wii Fit

Well, before we answer your question, let’s look at the Wii Fit and how it functions.

Wii Fit: This is a fitness stimulation game that provides a wide variety of options in terms of physical activities. You can even work out on Wii Fit for 10 minutes everyday and it will improve your fitness level. Yoga, aerobic exercises, balance games and muscle workouts are the four groups of activities that the Wii Fit offers to its users.

Wii Fit And Yoga: Those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle and higher fitness level may choose the yoga option and the muscle workouts. The activities on Wii fit are pretty much like a real exercise routine. The yoga option offers about fifteen different postures or asanas – from the Tree Pose and the Half Moon to the Cobra posture and the Shoulder Stand. The workout takes you through the simple as well as the difficult yoga postures. Every posture is going to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

You begin a yoga session by choosing a male or a female trainer. The trainer shows you how to do a posture and you are supposed to do the poses together. Most of the poses are held for 30-40 seconds. While you’re at it, the screen indicates your body balance. After you do each posture, your scores are displayed on the score board. The score, essentially, is how the Balance Board has measured your posture.

The yoga activities are explained well by the virtual instructors and there are both visual as well as audible cues to help you through each posture. This might seem quite like following a yoga DVD, but it is a step better because Wii Fit can give you constructive feedback about your technique and posture. Of course, it will be a good idea to know a bit of yoga beforehand. This will make your yoga workout better.

You can work out on Wii Fit for as little as 15 minutes every day to increase your level of fitness. You can work out for longer too.

Duration Of Yoga Workouts: Well, how long you want to practice yoga on the Wii Fit or how many times a week, is entirely up to you. Of course, if you practice yoga for 30-60 minutes every day, it’s going to increase your level of fitness, stamina and strength. But if you don’t have that much of time, even 15-20 minutes a day is enough to keep you in shape. In fact, a short duration of time spent on yoga everyday is a better bet than spending 2 hours doing yoga over the weekend. Consistency is the key word here.

You can begin with 15-20 minutes yoga sessions thrice a week and increase it to 6 days a week.

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