Benefits Of Connective Tissue Massage

By Patricia | April 19, 2009
Connective Tissue Massage Therapy

Think about one of those times when you're tense, unhappy, or emotionally drained. If you observe your body and mind carefully, you'll notice that these mental problems manifest themselves in your body. You may be left with tightened shoulders or a stiff neck. That's because the state of your mind affects your body. But what you may not have known is that the state of your mind can also be decided by your body. Think about how your feelings change when you sit up straight or when you take a deep breath.

A connective tissue massage aims to do just that: to release the tensions in your fascia, or connective tissue. This helps you to loosen your muscles and improve your posture. As a result of this, you feel 'lighter', and the tension gathered in your body and mind can be released.

Connective Tissue. To understand how a Connective Tissue Massage works, you must first know what connective tissue is. Connective tissue is a thin film of soft tissue that completely covers the muscles, bones and other organs in the body. It is one contiguous piece of tissue, and is found between the skin and the muscular structure of the body. In a sense, this tissue 'binds' the body together. Connective Tissue Massage targets this framework of tissue.

Connective Tissue Massage techniques. This kind of massage depends on heavy, long strokes that press into the muscles and tissues. It is similar to Swedish massage, and does not depend very much on the use of oils or lotions. This kind of massage is not intuitive, and must be learned by the therapist. He or she depends on strokes that are slow, and pressure is applied to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Sometimes, this kind of massage may be slightly uncomfortable because of the pressure. Practitioners also look for chronic 'knots', which are indicative of a bad lifestyle.

Benefits of Connective Tissue Massage. Anybody can benefit from a good connective tissue massage, especially in this day and age when we gather up so many stresses in our body. The immediate benefit of a massage is a feeling of lightness and deep relaxation. This feeling comes after the massage. The massage also helps in improving the body's posture by restoring the length and alignment of the muscles and tissues. If done well, and combined with positive lifestyle changes, the massage can ease chronic tension

Therapists may also use the massage to alleviate a certain illness or loss of alignment in the body. These may include stress and posture related problems like back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica.

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