Treatment & Home Remedies For Sore Gums From Dentures

By Patricia | June 9, 2009

First off, take out the dentures and allow your gums to rest. All body parts need oxygen to remain healthy. By taking out the dentures for short periods of time during a day, the gums are allowed to breathe as the problem-causing component is out of the way. Good oral hygiene is also important in maintaining healthy gums and soothing sore gums. Gently dab the gums with a clean and soft piece of cloth soaked in warm water and wipe out the scar tissue on the sores to prevent gum infections. Pay close attention to the cleaning of the dentures and ensure that every part of the dentures is thoroughly cleansed before immersing them into the solution for an overnight soak. It is important to notify your orthodontist or dental practitioner in the case of persistent gum pain due to the dentures.

Sore Gum Treatment: Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the gums directly, where the sores are located and on the specific areas where the dentures have induced pain. A direct application of Aloe Vera gel is soothing to the gums and helps to heal sore gums. After application, do not consume any form of food or liquids for at least one hour.

Do not leave the dentures in the mouth for long periods of time, particularly when they are brand-new, otherwise the gums may start acting up almost immediately. Remove the dentures for approximately six hours every day, especially before sleeping or if you are at home without any social presence. Clean the dentures with a special cleanser, rather than regular toothpastes, as regular teeth cleansing agents can be too harsh for most dentures. Regular toothpastes are likely to impair your dentures to an extent that they start to fit badly, which in turn will result in sore gums.

A warm saltwater rinse can help in bringing about a soothing effect on the sore gums. A few gulps of warm salt water works as a first form of defense for any injury, cut, scrape or wound on the gums, mainly due to the antibacterial properties of salt. Salt helps to draw and drain out any abscess formation on the gums.

Also check if you are allergic to the cleansers and adhesives of your dentures. Some people tend to develop allergic reactions to denture cleansing agents and binders, while some are even allergic to substances that go into the making of the dentures themselves. These allergic reactions can cause burning sensations in the mouth, and can aggravate the gums leading to mouth ulcers. If you have any doubt on the presence of the allergy factor, speak to your dentist about alternates for cleansing agents and the binders you are currently applying.

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