Peeling Skin On Hands & Fingertips

By Patricia | March 11, 2010

It is normal to get all paranoid when you notice skin peeling on your hands and fingertips; however you should know that the reasons for this could be many. It is usually caused when there is damage to the epidermis or upper layer of your skin. Peeling skin on hands in adults could include symptoms like blisters that break and cause the skin to peel, dry skin that tends to itch, flaky skin, rashes, reaction to the environment like sunburns, and other skin problems. If you notice such problems, consult your dermatologist for a treatment plan.


There could be various reasons behind your skin peeling including fungal and skin infections, extreme weather conditions, reactions to medication, excessive sweating, allergic reaction to certain beauty products, overdose of vitamin A, and vitamin deficiencies. Besides this, genetic disorders, toxic epidermal necrolysis, and skin disorders like dermatitis, erythroderma, exfoliative, hand eczema, hand and mouth disease, icthyosis, Kawasaki disease, psoriasis, and scarlet fever in children could also cause the condition. Household chores that require you to keep in hands in detergents and chemicals could also cause peeling as the chemicals drain the moisture from the skin.

Remedy and Treatment:

Depending on what has caused the skin on your hands to peel, you can look for treatment that should cure it. If it is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed, while antifungal medication is prescribed for skin infections, and oral steroids may be recommended for hand dermatitis. There are also home remedies that you can try if you are suffering from skin peeling on your hands.

  • Bath oil: Rinse your hands with bath oil as they contain essential oils that are necessary for your hands while also protecting your skin.
  • Cucumber: Cucumber is useful in retaining moisture in your hands, thus preventing dryness and also helping in curing peeling skin on the hands. Grate a cucumber and rub that all over your hands; let it remain on your hands for 20 minutes, after which you can rinse it off. Follow this routine for a few weeks, and it will improve the condition of your hands.
  • Honey: Apply a little honey over the affected areas of your hand and wash it off after half an hour.
  • Lemon oil: Helps in moisturizing your hands
  • Mint: Applying fresh mint over your hands is one of the most popular home remedies used. It is known to be used to treat skin disorders particularly eczema and dermatitis. Mint works as a moisturizer and contains healing properties as well.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal works as a great remedy for flaky hands. Grind oatmeal in a bowl and then rub the mixture over your skin, the roughness should help get rid of all the flakes from your skin.
  • Pineapple juice: A traditional home remedy that works well on damaged skin is pineapple juice, apply it all over your hands and rinse it off after an hour.
  • A mixture made of olive oil, honey, turmeric and sandalwood paste is very soothing and effective for rejuvenating parched dry skin.
  • Rubbing some warm almond oil every night on peeling nails can strengthen them.

Tips to avoid peeling skin

  • Avoid too much water: Exposing your hands too often to water is not advisable as it tends to take away the moisture from the hands. If you need to do work that requires your hands getting wet, use a pair of gloves to avoid peeling skin. Wear cotton gloves inside so that you avoid hurting your hands further.
  • Healthy diet: Maintaining a proper diet with foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, iodine and iron will help you avoid skin disorders.Butter, carrots, cream, and eggs are a good source of Vitamin A. Cheese, meat, liver, and cereal is a rich source of Vitamin B. Increase your consumption of almonds, broccoli, raisins, rice, baked beans, peas, and kidney beans- these are an essential source of iron. Drink eight to ten glasses of water.
  • Massage: Using olive oil or coconut oil helps in keeping your hands moisturized; massage your hands for better results.
  • Skin care: Wash your hands in warm water, rather than in hot water, and avoid going out into the sun without using a suitable sunscreen. Moisturize your skin every day with a good moisturizer, and avoid using soaps and detergents that are harsh on your skin.
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