Can Yoga And Calisthenics Get You A Toned And Defined Body?

By Patricia | September 9, 2008
Yoga & Calisthenics For Toning

Yes, Yoga exercises and Calisthenics can get you a toned and defined body. Both yoga exercises and calisthenics are aimed at making the body more flexible. Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise. Calisthenics traces its origin in Greece. Calisthenics is a combination of two words ‘kalos’ ‘sthenos’, which means ‘beautiful strength’. Calisthenics originated from Gymnastics.

Benefits of Yoga and Calisthenics

Following are the benefits that can be derived from the above two forms of exercises:

1) Different types of Yoga: There are several different types of yoga, each concentrating on different aspect of human existence. Hatha Yoga is especially created for the body, it is slow yet very graceful. It is a combination of breathing exercises, physical exercises and chanting. Therefore people following this yoga benefits from all the three. This type increases the flexibility of muscles inside the body.

You may start up with Yogic exercises for any reason; however, you are assured that your entire body will benefit from these exercises. These exercises stretch limbs, ensures proper breathing techniques and provide nourishment to the muscles thereby strengthening them. You can also feel the difference in your energy levels.

2) Yoga is deeper than Calisthenics however, both provide stretching to muscles and making them stronger. Yoga and Calisthenics both burn quite some amount of calories which is good news for all those wanting to lose weight. Calisthenics has different types of exercises. However, different techniques are used around the world. These exercises may use props or may be simple yet rhythmic exercises. Calisthenics increases strength and power to muscles thereby automatically tonic the body.

3) Combination of Yoga and Calisthenics: Both exercises can strengthen and tone muscles when done correctly. Both exercises can help lose excess weight by burning excess calories. Both exercises provide flexibility to the body and muscles. Both forms of exercises tone the complete body rather than a single part. Therefore benefits of these exercises are derived by every part of the body.

Though, there are quite a few similarities between both forms of exercise. It should be known that the foundation principles of both forms are namely, Yoga and Calisthenics are completely different than each other. A combination of these exercises can be used to get maximum benefits from both forms of exercises.

Yoga has the power of influencing you on different levels including physical as well as spiritual level. However, Calisthenics is purely physical.

However, Yoga exercises and Calisthenics can get you a toned and defined body.

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