Can Yoga Get You In Shape and Give You A Toned Body?

By Patricia | September 9, 2008
Yoga To Get In Shape

Of course, yoga has the ability to get you in shape if you are willing to devote some time and practice it daily. Yoga benefits you in a variety of different ways, which can help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Yoga has the ability to transform you physically as well as spiritually.

How can yoga get you in shape?

Yoga is rarely an exercise; in fact it is a series of poses and postures that may seem difficult to practice. Once you start with them, you will find these are really easy and simple. These poses and postures stretch your muscles and provides adequate tone to each of your body parts. Once you are conscious about your body during Yoga, enhancing it with good breathing exercises becomes possible.

Yoga combines poses with proper breathing technique. Each pose needs to be held for at least some breaths, this provides ample oxygen to all the muscles and strengthens them. A single pose will not help you however; you will need to combine a routine of poses that cover all body.

Is breathing important in Yoga?

If someone wants to get in shape, it is necessary to get toned muscles. Your muscles will be toned only if you provide the body adequate strengthening exercises and oxygen. Breathing exercises enhance blood flow and help oxygen reach all parts of body thus making them stronger. You will feel energized and rejuvenated after Yoga. Yoga is a painless form of exercise and you are not expected to go beyond your limitations.

Following are the benefits people have experienced after they practiced yoga for more than a month:

  1. Increase in energy and vitality;
  2. Increase in concentration;
  3. Improvement in body posture;
  4. Increase in inner peace;
  5. Toning of muscles;
  6. Increase in strength;
  7. Relief from aches and pains that were being bothersome before;
  8. Healthy and clearer skin, graceful body movements, etc.
  9. Less exhaustion;
  10. Appropriate weight balance (this happens after you practice yoga for more than 2-3 months).

There are different yoga techniques to choose from. If you want to derive faster results from Yoga, than you can opt for Power Yoga. However, you need certain degree of fitness before you start up with this one. Always begin your yoga with good certified instructors who are well versed with Power Yoga and can identify your limitations and help you with appropriate training. Yoga can help you achieve a toned body if done daily.

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