Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Techniques For Purification and Detoxification

By Patricia | September 8, 2008
Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Techniques For Purification and Detoxification

Kapalbhati (Frontal brain Purification) is related to the breathing process. In Sanskrit, 'kapal' stands for forehead and 'bhati' means to shine. In Frontal Brain Purification, the organs under the skull, mainly the brain and the small brain are influenced in a positive way such that various ailments are resolved over a period of time and a glow appears on the face.

The reason Frontal Brain Purification is so effective is that it works on the important Heart Center (Anahat Chakra) and Naval Center (Manipura Chakra). Thus, the respiratory problems, blood circulation, asthma, bronchitis and lung capacity are improved to a great extent. In addition to his, the digestion and elimination process becomes better and there is weight loss especially in the abdominal area.

Frontal Brain Purification Exercise

To perform Frontal Brain Purification, sit cross-legged in a comfortable position by keeping your back straight. Raise your neck to lengthen it and slightly bring your chin back. Ensure that the spine and the back of the head are in one line. Closing your eyes, join your thumb tips and index finger. Place your wrists on the knees and move your palm facing upwards. Relax your stomach muscles and forcefully breathe out & expel air through the nose. The abdominal muscles begin to contract and the abdomen moves inwards. While doing this, start inhaling (through the nose). This happens automatically & effortlessly. Repeat the exercise of expelling air through the nose forcefully for approximately 10 minutes. Aim at doing Frontal Brain Purification for 5 such rounds It may be tiring or there may be some amount of stomach crunches in the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the initial stage, try to perform this exercise with more force and target to do more and more repetitions in one round (you can take it upto 50). A single round with repetitions upto 120 count proves to be effective and can be done by any normal person

The Frontal Brain Purification should be preferably practiced early morning. Evening hours are also fair enough, provided that the individual has an empty stomach .It should be noted that this exercise shouldn’t be performed for more than 15 minutes in one sitting, else it might put negative stress on the abdominal muscles. However, the aim should be to speedup the cycle to reach the count of 60 times per minute .It will take time to reach this count and regular practice is what will make this rhythm of Frontal Brain Purification going .In the initial phases, you may feel pain in the spinal cord & the abdominal muscles. But slowly, as days pass by the pain vanishes on its own. In summer, since the climate is unfavorable, the duration can be reduced to 8-10 minutes

With these points in mind, you may reap the full benefits of Frontal Brain Purification and make your life is healthy and fruitful.

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