Calculating Body Fat

By Patricia | June 22, 2010
Reducing Body Fat

Reducing Body Fat

For most people, using cardio equipment and other fitness machines at a gym is the best way to get a good workout. Almost all fitness programs offer the use of such equipment. However for reducing body weight, you have to begin by reducing body fat percentage.

There are several ways in which you can convert your body fat into muscle. However, in order to ascertain how much body fat you have and what percentage of it should be converted to muscle, it is best to use a body fat calculator. Using the simple calculations, you can check your body mass index and calculate the amount of weight you should be reducing to come to a healthy weight level.

There are three different sources of energy for our body—sugars, fats, and carbohydrates. While the body has the ability to utilize each of these food sources for energy, our food habits largely determine which source the body uses most.

For instance, if you eat a lot of fatty foods, your body will be quick to metabolize fats. To lose weight, body fat is targeted first. When you work out at a lower intensity, your body fat is burnt first. This means that for reducing body mass index and bringing it to a healthy balance you should ideally start off with light exercises and a healthy diet. However, if you continue to work out at a lower intensity, you will also be burning less number of calories, and over a period of time, your weight loss will be very insignificant.

To counter this and to keep reducing the body index at a regular pace, increase the intensity of your workouts consistently, till the time you are in a position where you can easily maintain a balance between your diet and your exercise routine.

The basic principle behind losing weight is creating a calorie deficit. If you are able to burn off the amount of calories that are unused by your body, you make sure that your body is not converting any energy into fat tissues. When you burn off a lot of calories and create a deficit, you will lose weight a lot faster and your body fat will quickly get converted into muscle. You will also be able to tone the muscles of your body better.

While this can cover overall fat loss from your body, you may need some specific exercises for reducing fat from specific parts of the body. For instance, for reducing belly fat there are specific exercises like crunches and sit ups.

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