Stomach Toning Exercises For Beginners – Wheel Workouts and Equipment

By Patricia | June 22, 2010
Stomach Toning Exercises

We often indulge in unhealthy eating habits, without paying much attention to what that would do to our bodies. Eating binges, skipping meals, unbalanced diets are all examples of unhealthy food habits. What we don’t realize while indulging in these often damaging activities is that by the end of the day, we are damaging our bodies. Fortunately for us, often this damage is not completely irreversible. This means that there are some measures which can be taken in order to reverse this damage.

When you indulge in unhealthy eating habits, a layer of fat gets accumulated on the stomach, making the stomach begin to bulge from the front and into what is known as the love handles on the sides. To burn this fat away, tummy toning exercises have to be practiced.

There is a lot of stomach toning equipment available commercially. However, not all of these machines are what they claim to be. You may take some expert help in learning abdominal toning exercises too, however, that too would not be able to help you much. This is because to flatten the stomach a more holistic training is required. Stomach toning for beginners should be paired with healthy eating and a wholesome physical routine. This means that you should have a comprehensive plan which works on various levels. For instance, along with quick stomach toning exercises, ideally you should also practice some leg toning exercises.

Similarly, a healthy diet which is high in proteins but low in fat and carbohydrates will be essential in losing the tummy weight.

Toning wheel workouts are some of the best ways to get rid of the tummy fat. However, you can also perform some stomach crunches and heel touches which can help you work on the entire abdominal area as well as your shoulders and thighs. These are more wholesome exercises.

For stomach crunches, you can begin with the crunch position, however, bend your body at the waist in a 90 degrees angle. Once you bend like this, try to push yourself forward so that you can touch your toes. When you reach your toes, hold the position for about 1-5 seconds and then inhaling, slowing come back to your original position. If you are not able to touch your feet, there is not need to worry. A lot of people are not able to touch their toes in the first few attempts. However, if you practice this regularly, not only will you be able to touch your feet easily, you will also be able to hold your position for a slightly longer time.

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