Health Benefits Of 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

By Patricia | June 22, 2010
Health Benefits Of 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils are pure concentration of oils which contain volatile compounds that give out different aromas. Essential oils are aromatic and therefore used in the alternative therapy known as aromatherapy. These essential oils are volatile and are also often referred to as ethereal oils. These oils are extracted from various different parts of various plants, trees and herbs. Fruits, flowers, barks, roots, leaves and other parts of plants are used in large quantities to obtain highly concentrated quantities of these oils.

Pure Essential Oil

100% pure essential oils are not diluted by adding any additives and are the highest possible concentration of the various chemicals obtained from the plant portion. Like other oils, these volatile essential oils are also hydrophobic. These oils also have distinct aromas and distinct chemical compositions.

Beyond conveying just distinctive fragrances, essential oils also have distinct medical properties. Pure essential oils are used in many different cosmetic preparations, perfumes, soaps and may also be used in small quantities to flavor foods and drinks. Household incense may also contain various essential oils for their fragrance.

100 Pure Tea Tree Oil

100% pure tea tree oil is one of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy. This oil is used as an effective antifungal, anti viral and anti bacterial treatment. Tea tree oil is widely used in the treatment of nail fungus. Similarly other pure essential oils like lime blossom oil, helichrysum essential oil, rose oil, almond oil and many similar oils have been used for various different medical conditions. Oregano is a widely used kitchen herb. However, oregano wild 100% pure essential oil is used for various digestive problems and is considered to be an important medical aid.

Essential oils have been extracted and used medicinally throughout history. From smelling salts to mood uplifters, essential oils have been used for various different ailments. Today, because of their many medical benefits, many plants are grown just to manufacture essential oils.

Essential oils are mostly extracted through the process of steam distillation. Some of the most common pure fragrance oil are extracted using steam distillations. Some of these oils are lavender, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, peppermint and many others are obtained by this method. Some of the other methods are expression, which is used for obtaining oils from citrus peels and solvent extraction which is used for extracting oils from flowers which contain very small amounts of volatile essential oils. The production quantities are not very large and huge quantities of plant matter may be able to produce only small amounts of essential oils.

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