Practice Of Yogasanas For Good Health And Vitality

By Patricia | April 30, 2009
Yoga Poses For Health

Top reasons to practice Yogasanas

Yogasanas (poses) are among the best of exercises. They deliver physical as well as mental stability, good health and vitality. They are wonderful for keeping the body healthy and the mind peaceful. They help tone up the muscles, lubricate the joints and massage the whole body. These poses were developed several thousand years ago and have continued to evolve down the centuries. Asanas (poses) help exercise the internal organs, glands, nerves, muscles and ligaments. In short, Yoga poses are the most comprehensive and the best method of self care

Even though Yogasanas (poses) are very powerful, they become more effective if done the right way. Your mind must synchronize with and be in harmony with your body movements. Feel free to take the help of certain tools and props. Yoga has a variety of asanas (poses) and well set out sequences for people with different profiles and health conditions. There are quite a few simple poses as well as some complex ones. The reasons why Yoga has a preference over other workout systems are enumerated below

  1. Yoga is the only physical culture that gives a thorough exercise and massage to the internal organs of the body, which is totally and completely missing in all other systems of physical exercise. Subsequently, you are able to maintain better health and increase your longevity.
  2. You need just a small well ventilated place and minimal equipment to practice Yoga.
  3. Yogasanas have a tremendous impact on your mind and senses as compared to other systems of physical exercises with the result that Yogasanas succeeds in developing your physical as well as mental powers, such as calming your mind and helping you control your senses.
  4. Practicing Yogasanas is not at all expensive since you essentially require very little equipment apart from a Yoga mat.
  5. Yogasanas help in the elimination of stools and other toxins from the body and, as a result, your body develops greater resistance and ability to keep diseases at bay.
  6. Yogasanas make your body flexible and active giving it a greater ability to perform better in life.
  7. People who practice Yogasanas, over a period of time, tend to look younger; this is why it is said that Yoga helps retard the aging progress.
  8. Yogasanas help to purify the blood.
  9. Yogasanas help to increase the power of contraction and expansion of the lungs. The result is greater blood purification.
  10. Yogasanas exercise and help to keep the spinal cord flexible, resulting in longer life span, youth and vitality. These depend, to a great extent, on the flexibility of your spinal cord.
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